Yes, I’m on Twitter Now: Pastor_C_Dub

Yes, I’m finally giving in to cultural pressure and getting a Twitter account.

I’m actually stealing the idea from several other pastors and writers who like to use their account to jot down quick, “sticky” phrases and thoughts in an effort to (1) remember such statements and (2) improve their ability to quickly and succinctly communicate the gospel.  In other words, a Twitter account helps articulate the gospel to a Twitter world without “dumbing down” the message.  And through the wonder of smart phones, I can now jot stuff down regardless of where I am.  Unless it’s behind the wheel of a moving car.

Obviously, a notepad would work just as well, but then there wouldn’t be the accountability of the audience, now would there?  Plus, my secondary hope is that my fellow pastor/writer friends might also see this technology as a tool to improve their own communication.

So if you want, click the button over there on the right to follow me on Twitter.  And, if I like you, maybe I’ll follow you as well.

But only maybe.